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Champions All Stars

Our competitive cheer program was established in 1997 and has consistently produced great teams and amazing cheerleaders. With our veteran coaches, you are assured your child will receive the highest level of coaching and choreography.

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Champions All Stars

What to Expect

All-Stars practice four hours per week with their squad and may attend a separate tumbling class.

As a member of Champions All-Stars, plan on traveling to Austin, Dallas and Houston.

How to Join a Team

Try-outs for competitive teams take place in late April. The competition season runs from November through early April.

Cheerleaders who would like to join the program after try-outs may set up an appointment  for a private evaluation with our coaching staff.

Cheer Teams

If you are interested in competitive cheerleading, Champions has a spot for you one one of our many teams, ranging from novice to advanced, encompassing all ages.

  • Wildfire
    Wildfire is a Junior level 1 All Star Prep team. This team consists of cheerleaders ages 8-14 and will have the same skill requirements as Ignite. As a Prep team, Wildfire will have shorter practice times, and competitions will be limited to only local competitions. The All Star Prep divisions are designed for those athletes and families who are not able to make the full commitment of an All Star program or who simply desire a little less practice time and travel.
  • Fierce Heat
    Fierce Heat
    Fierce Heat is our Junior Prep Level 2 All Star Prep team. Age requirements are the same as Wildfire, 8-14yrs. As a level 2 team, these athletes will need to have some tumbling and cheer experience. Tumbling requirements consist of front and back walkover, standing back handspring, and round off back handspring. Cheerleaders will need a basic understanding of jumps and stunting techniques.
  • Fire Queens
    Fire Queens
    Fire Queens are our Youth level 2 competition team. Age requirements are same as Ignite, 7-11 yrs. Tumble, jump, and cheer skills are the same as Fierce Heat.
  • Blaze
    Blaze is a Senior level 2 competition team. Senior age range is 10-18 yrs. Being a level 2 team, requirements are the same as Fire Queens and Fierce Heat.
  • Phoenix
    Inferno is Champions Senor level 3 competitive team. Age range is 10-18 yrs. Competitive cheer experience is required to be a member of Inferno. Skill requirements for this team include multiple standing back handspring series, jumps to back handspring, running round off tuck, and back handspring tuck. Cheerleaders must have level to above jumps and show mastery of intermediate stunting skills.
  • Sparks Show Team
    Sparks Show Team
    Sparks is designed for young athletes (ages 5-7) who are interested in beginning cheer. Cheerleaders will learn a choreographed routine during weekly practices and attend local cheer competitions where they will be able to show off their hard work. These cheerleaders will practice twice a week. As a "show" team, these athletes will not compete against other teams and all will get awards after their performance.



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