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Real thoughts about us from our families!

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I took my niece here and she loves it. They are very good at helping and building confidence, and emphasizing teamwork. 5/5 stars

John Abraham

I have four daughters who spent a cumulative 40 years cheering and tumbling at this incredible gym with these super coaches.( Holly (6 years), Heidi (9 years), Hayley (11 years), and Hannah (14 years plus).All four cheered all four years of high school as well; 3 were head cheerleaders, and 2 cheerleaders at The University of Texas at Austin. We have trophies, medals, national championships, and All-American titles, but none of those come close to the life’s lessons learned, skills mastered, and memories made at Champions. My daughters learned what hard work is, physical and mental; they learned about teamwork, dedication,time-management, and responsibility; they learned physical skills, how to find your unique talent, and how to compete at a team sport- how to win and how to lose, and how to get up one more time than you fall down. They learned how to lead and how to follow. They learned respect and trust. And most of all we had SO MUCH FUN and made lifelong friendships! I wouldn’t change a thing, and neither would they. Writing this is so bittersweet, as I reflect on our travels across the state and the country with precious children, moms and dads, coaches and friends with lots of sparkle and spray- and know in my heart that the future for these young ladies is bright, and they are well-equipped to take what life dishes out to them, in large part due to their experiences at Champions. They know it’s better to be a winner than a whiner. Throw it, don’t blow it. A smile goes a mile. And always sparkle and spray! Champions All-stars! Simply the best!

Kris Held

I love Champions; this is my seventh year at Champions and I do not know what I would do without all of the family I have met here!

-Taylor mzyk

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