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What is All Star Prep?


What is All Star Prep?

All Star Prep is an entry level product that is offered as an introduction to traditional all star cheer and is intended to help grow the industry as a whole. The typical all star prep program will provide an opportunity for the incoming athlete to be introduced to and experience all star with limited commitment and exposure. The program that is created by the gym should include a shorter season, limited weekly practices, a lower financial commitment, limited travel, and a uniform that differs from their traditional all star program. Teams entering the all star prep divisions must be affiliated with a USASF member program (see program definition). All athletes must be registered with the USASF in the Athlete ID system accessed through the member program. All Star Prep athletes will not be included in the athlete count to determine gym size (small or large).

All Star Prep is NOT a division for teams that represent a school, pop warner or similar recreation-type program. All Star Prep is an all star division and only programs that have declared themselves all star (by joining the USASF as a member program) are permitted to participate in these divisions offered by member event producers.

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