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Little Explorers

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Little Explorers


The Little Explorers Academy

 offers classes in gymnastics, dance and sports fitness.  Our goal is to foster growth through learning and fun!
The Little Explorers program includes well crafted curriculum designed specifically for children ages 2-5 years and has many benefits.
Children who participate in the Little Explorers program will learn to
be more self confidence, to listen and follow directions, discipline, develop good motor skills and coordination, and improve strength and flexibility.

The bottom line, the benefits of Little Explorers preschool are so far beyond physical fitness.
Little Explorers helps the child be more assertive, more confident and happier in their journey as they grow.
We want each of them to feel comfortable with their body and what they can do with it.
We want to help them be successful now and in the future.


The Little Explorers Academy

 incorporates music and games to inspire children to learn and grow both mentally and physically.
Creative movement is important and included in every class.
In addition the Little Explorer class incorporates children’s yoga.
The practice of yoga teaches children how to use their attention to join their breath, their bodies and their minds.
Yoga helps to increase strength and energy and enhances health.
Visualization is an integral part of yoga because forming of mental images is the way we direct our attention and send messages to the body.
Through visualization, they discover that they can affect their inner state and their ability to accomplish goals.


The Little Explorers Academy

 includes a monthly theme that is geared towards learning.
We believe that preschoolers can develop their mind and learn while doing gymnastics, dance or sports.
Each month includes a FUN FACTS section that is incorporated with the physical aspects of the class.
The Little Explorers program will include learning about animals, numbers, shapes, colors, healthy foods and so much more.
It is our goal to help grow mentally through fun and fitness

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